A relaxing break at the BW Quartier Latin

A relaxing break at the BW Quartier Latin

Why not take it easy? You owe it to yourself to have a relaxing autumn break in Paris, and there’s nothing better than unwinding and enjoying a precious few days at the BW Quartier Latin. Seize the opportunity to chill out and explore the many fascinating places located in close proximity to our ideally situated hotel. On your weekend break or short stay you’ll have plenty of time for visits to the Jardin des Plantes and the National Museum of Natural History.

Wander the Jardin des Plantes

Take the opportunity to visit the world-famous botanical garden located in the heart of the National Museum of Natural History. Stroll the many paths winding throughout this 28 hectare park and enjoy horticultural displays, an alpine area, an exquisite rose garden and more. You’ll want to take your time and admire the many statues scattered amidst the greenery, and be awed by the majesty of the remarkable trees planted by naturalists in the 17th century. Make yourself comfortable on a bench and let the beauty of this place, and almost four hundred years of history, wash over you. Don’t miss the Gallery of Mineralogy and Geology, which houses one of the finest collections of crystals, minerals and gemstones in the world. Then visit the small but charming zoo that was founded in the late 18th century.

Visit the Natural History Museum

No visit to the Jardin des Plantes would be complete without taking the time to explore the wonders of the Natural History Museum, especially as it has recently reopened after renovations and is now better than ever. Learn about your most distant ancestors and the world around us with a guided tour of the Gallery of Comparative Anatomy and Palaeontology and wander through the simply stunning Grand Gallery of Evolution, where fabulous fossils and complete dinosaur skeletons abound. Public lectures and courses are given daily, so you have no excuse not to become a natural history expert! There’s also a hands-on science museum especially designed for children, where biodiversity and the environment are addressed in a fun way. You’ll acquire a new appreciation of the wonder and diversity of life on Earth and the story of its evolution.

Relax in the hotel

After exploring the world’s natural wonders you’ll need to take it easy, and that’s where you can count on the many services and amenities available to you at the BW Quartier Latin. The comfortable and welcoming guestrooms are the very epitome of relaxation after a busy day in the capital. After your walks in the Jardin des Plantes and your discovery of the Natural History Museum, why not enjoy the Quartier Latin hotel steam room? The hammam is available to you from 18:00 to 22:00, so simply ask about the schedule that suits you best. You might enjoy a session here before dinner, or maybe you’ll be tempted by a steam bath after your meal to aid digestion. Whatever your preferences, you can be sure that your stay at the BW Quartier Latin will offer the perfect opportunity to relax!


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